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Stylist x Visual merchandiser x Art

Welcome to my portfolio. I would like to take you on a journey of my professional, educational and personal experience over time. This site is created to add another dimension to the presentation of my capabilities and skills in the workplace. All work on this site has been carried out by me personally at time of employment. ©2020 Gabriel Guevara. All Rights Reserved

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How I got here

Established in 1989. I've built my career in visual merchandising throughout the years working for a number of diverse brands that have helped me develop my skillset in numerous ways. They have ranged from luxury brands through to retail giants and each has helped me become the skilled visual merchandiser I am today.

From a very young age I've had a naturally creative flair. This has been enhanced and sharpened through my studies of fashion and fine arts and my interest in up and coming trends within the industry.

Throughout the years I have developed a strong commercial awareness and a keen eye for trends within the market. This has been supplemented by a strong understanding of what impacts the success of my efforts (KPIs, market events, up and coming seasons etc).

Success in a visual merchandising role requires an understanding of: The customer, the brand, the strategy/vision and the flexibility to adapt to the results (successes and failures) that you see. 

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Please click on each image to explore the layouts I have created

Accessories Window -
For Him
For Her
A Winter Approach
Summer is here
Gifting for Him
Transitional Collection
Minimal but Fun
Cash-desk display
Stairway display
Modern Classic
Make styling simple
Summer styling
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Home: Gallery


A collection of my artwork over the years

Leina/ 2009
Anastasiya/ 2009
Conceptual Beauty/ 2011
Conceptual Beauty/ 2011
Perception/ 2010
Veronica/ 2009
Veronica/ 2008
Angelina/ 2009
Karen/ 2009
Observation 1/ 2010
Observation 2/ 2010
Observation 3/ 2010
Young Parents/ 2010
Observation 4/ 2010
Observation 5/ 2010
Hash/ 2009
Observation 6/ 2010
First Oil/ 2009
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